Hypnotherapy and the brain

The brain is the most powerful tool to harness lasting change in the body. I quite often get asked how does hypnotherapy effect the brain and would it be suitable for me…

The answer to the first part of the question can take a bit of explaining as I’m sure you are aware but will explain in a moment, however the answer to the second part of the question is easy… most probably yes! Why do I say this with so much conviction? Well, if your problem is linked in any way to anxiety, depression, anger or stress (not to mention motivation, confidence and control) then solution focused hypnotherapy (SFH) can help in your recovery.

The way this happens is too complex to explain in full in this post however here are some main points about basic brain based neuroscience that links to SFH:

~The brain can be split into two main areas – the intellectual (conscious)and the primitive/emotional (unconscious).
~The conscious part is very small in comparison to the unconscious part. This is contrary to how we imagine it to be as we believe we ‘think’ everything.
~A metaphor to explain the brain – Imagine a pea sitting on the edge of a football pitch. The pea is the pre frontal cortex (PFC – conscious) and the football pitch is the rest of the brain. This goes some way to explaining the difference between the two and actually just how vast the differences are. This of course, is not in actual mass but in functioning ability.
~What we think in our small PFC has a tremendous impact on the rest of our brain and in turn of course, our feelings and emotions. Therefore if we fill out minds with problems of the day for example how someone didn’t pull their weight earlier or how you have to go some place later you really don’t want to go, then this continual internal conversation you have with yourself MUST sink into the subconscious and be acted on.
~The upsetting thing is that this area that our thoughts move into and generally manifested into our plan of action is not intellectual. If it was, I would be out if a job! Therefore, if you feed your brain with negative, worrying thoughts it must get you ready for the ‘danger’. The only way it knows how to get you ready? Either to shut you down (depression), put you on red alert (anxiety), or increase your strength (anger). If you are really unlucky, a combination of all three.

But hypnotherapy can help. By firstly, giving people the knowledge they deserve and an understanding of the brain, they can see that this is a normal, natural response. Secondly, trance is only naturally harnessing our ability to make change and take control. We therefore employ this technique to empower the individual and allow them to make the positive changes required for a happier life.