Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and trance.

Hypnosis is a normal, natural, trance like state that allows the individual to have focused attention.  This is something which we can move in and out of many times within the day.  We can be in a form of trance, for example, when we are driving, out for a run or even just daydreaming.

Put simply, hypnosis is merely the natural harnessing of focused thought.  It is what we focus on that provides us with an emotional response.  Imagine lying on a sunny beach in your favourite holiday destination or winning a sporting event, both involve a trance state of some description therefore when this state is appropriately placed in a therapeutic setting, it can be extremely helpful to the client.

When entering hypnosis on the therapists couch, you are in a relaxed, pleasant but concentrated state where you have very much heightened awareness.  It is said that our brain is more active and alert at night when, for example, we are dreaming.  Therefore, when replicating this ‘dream like’ state on the therapists couch, the subconscious mind is more susceptible to positive suggestion and therapeutic change.  The ‘idiling’ mind shown within neuroscientific testing, can be working up to 4 times as hard than say, the concentration required to sit a maths exam back at school.  Hypnosis uses the natural ability of the resting mind to create a lasting and hugely effective, positive outcome.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a modern, scientifically researched therapy which helps to aid in a person’s positive change within their life.  The key is in the name as it focuses on solutions to the problem by helping the client to look to their future, not by focusing on the origin of the problem or contemplating past memories which has brought about their search for change.