Anger is a normal response that is ‘built in’ to every human being.  We can all suffer anger from time to time but when it has the potential to turn to violence, or it starts to affect our daily lives, then it could be time to do something about it.  The first time you visit David Mclean Hypnotherapy you will attend the free initial consultation where you are provided with a complete and detailed explanation of how the brain works, why anger is created and importantly, what we can do about it.

                 Anger is merely a primitive response to aid in our survival, if you can imagine many many years ago when early man and early woman were here on the earth and they were, for example, confronted with a dangerous situation such as a wild animal or another wild tribesman, then their anger supported with additional strength and hormone release, is exactly what was required in order for they and their families to survive.  The problem presents itself today if we have this response when for example, you are ‘cut up’ by an irresponsible driver or an event happens that doesn’t warrant an enraging outburst such as our partner or friend simply leaving a coffee cup on the side table.

                Once we understand how anger is created then we can start to change.  Anger is created by negative thinking, therefore if we continually create negative, pessimistic and downbeat thoughts and actions, we will then, consequentially, initiate primitive and angry responses.

                When you visit David Mclean’s Hypnotherapists practice, we leave the negativity behind and  discuss various ways to promote positive change.  We work together on finding out what you want to do and where you want to go next in life and when you have the intent transform your life, together we can get you back to that person you want to be and beyond.