Depression can have an extremely debilitating effect on a person’s personality and emotional wellbeing.  However, if we understand where its foundations lie, we can start to make change and help the individual get back to who they want to be and beyond.  By describing the origins of depression through evolution and evolutionary psychology, we are able to make clear to the client firstly, why they are like suffering and secondly, how they can make positive change.

Research tells us that the homo sapien hunting and gathering ‘modern man’ was on this earth as far back as 2 hundred thousand years ago.  It also tells us that society changed around 5 thousand years back when we moved from our nomadic lifestyle to a more civilised way when we started to settle, farm the land by means of sowing seed and herding cattle, creating villages and refining our cultural and social environment.  If we do the maths, it is easy to see that we as individuals are only a very small percentage down the evolutionary scale consequently have to rely on, at least in some part, our ancestral hunter gather kinfolk.

If our ancestors where confronted by snow, ice or danger, they would have to lie low for the period of time until the situation had changed.  They would have to ‘shut down’ their bodies for protracted periods to allow for any extreme environmental conditions to subside.  Unfortunately we have adapted this to modern day symptoms of depression.  When our mind perceives we are in danger it will shut us down until it is over and when we are within this negative cycle, it is extremely difficult to brake it on your own.

This is where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is amazingly beneficial.  We work together on many things including sleeping patterns, positive focus, emptying the ‘stress bucket’ and of course, relaxing trance and in this way, we help to move you out of this negative state into a lasting, positive frame of mind.