Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) at its worst, can be a completely debilitating problem.  It can take over your life and destroy relationships.  Hypnotherapy’s relaxation technique’s helps enormously in reducing stress and anxiety levels in turn, helping to alleviate the many symptoms of OCD.

                After the free initial consultation, the client already has a great knowledge of why the brain reacts in the way that it does in terms of obsessional behaviours.  With the high levels of anxiety, stress and or depression, the part of your brain that looks after you in times of need is in constant red alert.   Clients obsessions can start in many ways namely, when they were a child, after a specific traumatic event,  perhaps as an adult when they suffered a tragic loss or quite often they have no recollection of how they have come to this point.  I often hear them saying “I used to be fine but now I can’t do…”  I explain to the client that the actual ‘creation’ of the obsession doesn’t matter, in fact it doesn’t matter at all because if we are going to rid them of this disorder, they have to start to focus on where they want to get to, not where they have been or how it was created.  OCD suffers can live too much in the past, analysing where they have gone wrong in their life or how it would be so different if the ‘event’ didn’t happen.  Life will through all sorts at us all but it is how we deal with it that either allows us to progress forwards with happiness and confidence or keeps us back in a constant cycle of negative obsession.

                Thankfully, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help, we change the thought patterns of our clients to allow for the upwards spiral of thought creating a more positive, calm individual that is ready to leave their obsessional behaviour behind.