Pain management

Pain can have a tremendous affect on a person’s emotional wellbeing.  Psychological methods such as hypnosis practiced at David Mclean Hypnotherapy, Plymouth, can help tremendously with pain management.  We can think of the brain as a computer with its control panel sending messages back and forward to the various parts of the body.  Wires transmit sensory messages in electrochemical form to and from the brain.  These messages are sent from our brain through ‘wiring’ up and down the spinal cord leaving it at various points tracking out to the very limits of our toes and fingertips.  It also importantly makes sense of the nerve signals that arrive up through the spinal cord to the brain from the specific parts of the body involved.

                Why is this important, well hypnosis can give us the ability to gain control of the ‘switches’ or the ‘chips’ that control sensations in differing parts of the body.  These switches can be turned on and off mentally when we learn specific skills for doing so.

If we can be of the opinion that hypnosis can have a calming, stress reducing effect on the brain by invoking the trance state and we agree that our pain is at a lesser degree when our anxiety or stress levels are reduced, then it is common sense to imply that the two can work together to reduce pain.

Through hypnotherapy and psychotherapy we work together to close the ‘pain gate’ letting you concentrate on your life in a calm and relaxed condition, looking forward to a happy and prospectively pain free life.