Panic attacks

At David Mclean Hypnotherapy we really understand what a panic attack is, how it is created, how incapacitating it can be and importantly, how to help the client rid them… forever.

                A panic attack is key to our survival and without them, humankind would not be here today.  It is our bodies way of telling us you are in danger.  Anyone that has suffered one can whole heartedly agree that they overload you with so many differing feelings of fear, panic, terror, chemicals such as adrenaline’s and  various stress hormones, that more often than not, your flight or fight reflexes react and almost certainly, makes you leave the situation in an instant due to sheer fear and panic.

                Panic attacks can be one of the main symptoms of depression or anxiety, it is the defence mechanism that reacts when the perception or reality of danger is present and generally, we will either be stop in our tracks, completely ‘frozen’ to the ground or more commonly, we will leave the situation we are in as fast as possible.

                But if we think about it, in the correct situation, this is exactly what we want to happen.  If we are confronted by, for example, a large shadow in the night getting closer and closer, our fear responses could be extremely valuable in getting us to leave the potentially dangerous situation immediately, it is when we have these ‘attacks’ in situations that are not immediately apparent to danger for example, public speaking or travelling in a car, that it starts to become a real problem for us.

                But there is an answer to this.  Hypnotherapy can help with panic attacks as we work on the route of the problem.  This amazingly happens by not focusing on the reasons that brought you here, but what you want to do and in turn, this will start to relieve you of the symptoms allowing for more intellectual thought and happiness.