At David Mclean Hypnotherapy, you get expert help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  It is generally created by a severe anxiety episode and hinders the individual’s ability to live their life to the full by reducing their ability to cope.  It seems more common in light of the news today that it is mainly a condition that service personnel suffer from after exposure to prolonged stressful situations or an acute traumatic event however PTSD can be suffered by anyone that has had a shocking or distressing experience.

                The key to traumatic experiences is how susceptible you can be to it or to put more it succinctly, how much spare emotional capacity you have at any given time to deal with it.  We all have the ability to deal with trauma, humankind would not of progressed so far so quickly and recovered so well if we did not.  What is key is our capability and spare capacity to deal with any given situation.

                We all have our normal stresses and strains to deal with day by day that fill our ‘stress bucket’ throughout our waking moments nevertheless, if we recognise how to empty this ‘bucket’ we have the ability to deal with what life has in store for us, including the more severe occurrences.

We would never criticise or nonsense any persons experience or thoughts in terms of their trauma but in spite of this, if they want to move on with their life, their focus must be taken away from the event and directed to concentrating on the future.  Clinical Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to assist in relief from PTSD as we work hard on leaving the trauma behind.  This coupled with their newly learned skills and their ability to regain a positive attitude allows the client to move forward focusing on the future they so deserve.