Sleepless nights

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy is one of the best known methods to help with sleepless nights or disruptive sleeping patterns.  Sleep is one of the most important elements of our bodily functions however unfortunately, it can be one of the first factors to develop into an problem when we are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.  If we are perhaps on a downwards spiral, our mind can become consumed with pessimism and in turn, cause an accumulation of negative thought patterns playing havoc with our sleep.

Our sleep patterns are split into two categories namely, slow wave sleep and Rapid Eye Movement (REM).  The later is the most important in terms of sleep disturbance and is the main part of this text.  If our sleeping patterns are interrupted, then they generally will fit into one of two areas; not enough REM sleep or too much REM sleep.

Not enough REM

Well, unfortunately, we are restricted to around 20% REM sleep a night and if we try and overdo this, then our mind will wake us up, we know when it is the mind waking us up because we wake up, wide awake, but often feel quite miserable, we often can’t get back to sleep either very easily either.  This is conducive with anxiety.

Too much REM

Sadly REM sleep is very enervating, it consumes an enormous amount of energy.  Sometimes we overdo this and it exhausts us, this can unfortunately promote more sleep and encourage a negative REM state.  This is conducive with depression.

How do we get back to better sleeping patterns, well we must understand that by reducing our anxiety, depression, anger or stress, we will start to obtain better sleeping habits.  Hypnosis and psychotherapy can help with this as we reduce the anxiety and depression, clearing your mind, allowing you to have a better night sleep and live your life as you want to.