Reduce your stress with hypnotherapy

Reduce your stress with hypnotherapy

Are you looking to change your life for the better? Perhaps, with the start of a New Year, you are now looking to embrace a new you? Maybe you are unsure of change or where to start?

Perhaps you want to stop smoking? Perhaps you want to lose weight? Or, you may have a plan to find a new job or alter career direction and wish to improve your confidence?

If that sounds like you, perhaps now would be a good time to chat to a qualified and insured Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner. The initial consultation with David is free and they even supply you with a free relaxation CD!

David is based at Thrive and has been practising for many years now. They have plenty of experience in helping people achieve their goals and their dreams! 

“Stopping smoking is a common enquiry for this time of the year”, explains David. “We aim to help someone overcome the habit in one single session, so there is no need for the free initial consultation.

“We help someone quit by explaining how easy it can be to stop and embrace a new life where you can only gain in health and wealth! We also use hypnosis for around 45 minutes to help provide a supportive message for the subconscious part of the brain.

“Weight management is also an area where we can help a client by focusing on small changes to their lives that can help reduce stress and so improve healthy choices for losing weight.”

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by effectively reducing our ‘stress bucket’ levels through positive thinking and by the safe process of hypnosis when undertaken by a fully-qualified and insured AfSFH practitioner.

Confidence should start to increase over a number of sessions and the client will often feel they are calmer and more relaxed about life, which is often reflected by how they react to situations at work and at home.

David was awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma (HPD) following extensive training as part of the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training course.  He is also the Senior Instructor at Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) School in Edinburgh, one the Flagship venues that we hold across the UK. David is also a qualified supervisor where he looks after many more hypnotherapists.

They are members of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH), which ensures its members adhere to a strong ethical code and engage in regular supervision sessions.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help improve sleep, aid in weight management, reduce phobias and fears, and help people to stop smoking.

David can help with stress

Obsessive thinking – Obsessional Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive thinking

Do you ever struggle with unwanted and intrusive negative thoughts? Do you sometimes find yourself engaged in small ‘rituals’ whereby you check your car door is definitely locked again and again and again?

Are you tired of this cycle of endless checking and obsessive behaviour? Are you looking for help to break away from it and so embrace a positive way of managing your life?

If the answer is “yes”, you may find Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help to ease your mind away from thinking endless negative thoughts that can lead to, in extreme cases, you struggling to leave your own home.

“We often see people who come to seek help with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD”, explains David, a fully-qualified and insured Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner based in Plymouth.

“As our daily lives are increasingly stressful in the modern world so, sometimes, our brains struggle to adapt to the challenges we face, very often in an obsessive way.

“As such, it tries to protect us by re-checking things again and again, or introducing obsessive thinking into our lives. Negative thoughts then end up in something we term as a ‘stress bucket’ and people may find themselves re-checking things as part of an unwanted habit.

“Solution Focused Hypnotherapy aims to empty the stress bucket so allowing the client to have a more relaxed and confident outlook to their life which, in turn, helps them to stop worrying and focus on the positive aspects of life as a whole.”

Do you want to change?

David shows you in the initial consultation how the brain works and how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for the client. They also provide a relaxation CD for prospective clients during the course of the meeting.

Each session is designed to focus the mind into a mode of positive thinking prior to entering the trance state, which is designed to be relaxing and soothing for the individual.

The number of sessions used by people who have obsessive feelings can vary and, obviously, as with any medical issue, it is important to remember that your GP is also there to help.    

David was awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma (HPD)  following extensive training as part of the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training course. He is a Supervisor for other hypnotherapists and is also the Senior Lecturer of hypnotherapy  training.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help improve amongst other issues – anxiety, feeling low, sleep, aid in weight management, reduce phobias and fears and help people to stop smoking.

Relaxation CD

A Solution Focused hypnotherapist, based in Plymouth, is offering clients a FREE hypnotherapy Relaxation CD to help new clients to reduce stress and promote feelings of well being.

The relaxation CD, which lasts for around 25 minutes, uses soothing music and language rich in imagery and texture, to help people to relax and unwind.

Voiced by hypnotherapy practitioner David Mclean, the CD is designed to be listened to before the client goes to sleep, and can be helpful, when used in conjunction with regular sessions, in aiding in weight, sleep, and anger management issues.

The CD should not be played in the car or when operating machinery because it can be very effective!

It should be used when someone wants to completely relax for half an hour or so.

“I am delighted to offer clients a free hypnotherapy relaxation CD as part of a free Initial Consultation, which really aids in their treatment”, says David, a fully insured and qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner.

In our hectic world, our brains can often respond to situations we perceive to be stressful in a manner that can prove to be bad for our mental wellbeing and overall health.

When we start to build up a pattern of negative thinking, therapists say we are adding to our “stress bucket”.

When our “stress bucket” overflows, we may discover issues start to invade our lives and manifest themselves in a variety of ways, from anxiety and stress-related illnesses through to eating issues or anger.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM), which is a natural part of our sleeping cycle, helps to reduce our “stress bucket” levels. REM is limited and if there is a lot in our “stress bucket”, we can find ourselves waking up early (or not being able to sleep at all).

This response, in turn, makes the negative thinking worse, which adds to the “stress bucket” and the negative responses become further enforced.

The free CD, in conjunction with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions with David, are designed to aid relaxation by focusing on positive solutions and then replicating REM in a trance state – which is a safe and effective way to alleviate stress.

“We find that after a number of sessions, many clients, who have been using the CD on a regular basis in-between coming to see us, will often say that they are feeling more relaxed and that they are seeing benefits to aspects of their lives.”

David says that the relaxation CD and sessions combined together are designed to focus the brain into finding solutions in the client’s life, which means that the therapy does not delve into past events, or issues, the client may have experienced.

David Mclean is a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) which sets out to ensure its members adhere to its high standards and code of conduct.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help with minor phobias and can be of assistance in helping someone stop smoking in one simple session.


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