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Moving to a bigger practice

David’s move to a larger office has been well received in 2017.  David says “I am very pleased to be moving to our larger space, it’s been a natural progression on from our previous practice”.  Due to demand, David has had to relocate to Thrive.  He says “thankfully it is only across the road from the old place so it’s easy to find and thankfully, there’s no stairs to encounter!”.

David to deliver training in Edinburgh

We are extremely pleased to announce that David is to deliver hypnotherapy training in Edinburgh this coming September 2015. Through Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT), David will be giving candidates the ability to become confident, practicing hypnotherapists gaining the qualification of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD). Visit to find out more.

The Observatory Practice is expanding!

We are pleased to announce that The Observatory Practice is expanding and we have moved to bigger premises, three doors up within the Crescent to number 8.

David is pleased to announce that he has taken over as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

David is pleased to announce that he has taken over the position of CEO for the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. David says, “this is a fantastic opportunity to really move hypnotherapy forward, one I am very much looking forward to”. He took over the 450 strong Association late September and has already appointed a new Head of Research to help to quantify the results we are all producing.

Research still taking shape – let’s make it official… hypnotherapy works! July 2014

We all understand the great benefits of hypnotherapy but we need to continue to make it scientifically accepted. Therefore, I any of you motivated people out there are conducting your own pilot studies then let David know.  He is keen to find out who is conducting this great work and if the Association can help.

Looking for motivated therapists to join our practice. June 2014

We are currently looking for motivated therapists, coaches etc to join our ever expanding team within the Observatory Practice. Affordable rates in a central Cit location. For more information please contact David on 07812 048587.

David has taken over as Practice Manager – Observatory Practice. June 2014

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that David had taken on the prestigious appointment of Practice Manager within the award winning Observatory Practice. David says that “I am really looking forward to helping the Practice move forward in many ways including our already busy general clientele with a view to the future within the corporate world, in particular, work placed stress.”

Fear & phobia packages still available! June 2014

Do to popular demand, our fear & phobia packages are still available. We have had great response helping to stop out many many issues with our clients including fears of wasps, heights, water, public speaking and of course flying. Book now to avoid disappointment.


New professional status June 2014

It’s with great pleasure to announce that hypnotherapist’s have now been granted ‘healthcare professional’ status. David says that “this has been a long time coming and it is nothing more than we deserve as a profession”. This has been down to hard work and diligence within our association and many other organisations that has allowed hypnotherapy to move to the level it so rightly deserves.

Moving forward with research May 2014

David is now moving forward with research in to solution focused hypnotherapy and it’s amazing benefits. David says “we all understand how absolutely amazing and effective this hypnotherapy is, it’s tie to let the world know about it too”. David is excited and hopeful to be working with some research specialists within Plymouth University in the very near future. Keep an eye on this news feed for more up to date information.

Flying phobia packages now available! May 2014

David is now offering flying phobia & fear packages for as little as £165. He explains the process in four simple steps. “The very first session is all about information gathering, allaying any misconceptions about hypnosis and trance and giving you a thorough explanation of why we create these fears and of course importantly, what we are going to do about it. The second session is the general relaxation, this gets you used to the very normal and natural feeling of trance and allows the mind to become more receptive to change. The third session is called the rewind is a very powerful session indeed, this is where we deal in the main with your issue and ‘diffuse’ the memory of any anxiety or stress. The fourth and final session is called the reframe and this is all about replacing the thoughts in your mind, around flying and the flight, with memories of how you want it to turn out, a great finish to a great and very successful process”.


David Mclean to become Head of Research & Campaigning March 2014

Some exciting news that David has become the Head of Research & Campaigning for the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH). He told members at the AGM that he is “really looking forward to moving the Association forward in this vital role.” He went on to say “we all know what a great and successful process hypnotherapy is but we have to prove it at an academic level and this is where our research is vital.”

Article published Spring 2014 ‘Plymouth WISE’

We have some great news in that we have an article published in the Plymouth Mental Health Network magazine ‘Plymouth WISE’. This showcases the versatility of hypnotherapy and how it can help so many people in so many ways. Click here to find out more.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy’s (SFH) real value is now coming to the fore with this published article. We should never negate the intervention of medical or psychiatric care for an individual that is suffering from a mental illness but our principles of mental wellbeing through our SFH process can be invaluable to a anyone who is dealing with anxiety, anger, depression and/or stress. This is not news to many of our practitioners who have been working in the background for many years, helping people suffering from mental illness with coping mechanisms and a better understanding of the basic workings of the brain. Once an individual is given time to understand and the ‘tools’ with which to move forward, their life can have real meaning and a worthiness that was once forgotten.

These key principles of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is not news to many people but has always been, key to all of our mental wellbeing. We must remember that in order for ourselves to function correctly, we must employ three main areas of mental health. In order for human beings to remain motivated, relaxed and calm we must be very aware of our inner thought patterns. ‘What we say is who we are’ therefore if we tell ourselves that we feel fed up, angry, annoyed then that is what our subconscious will act on so we must be mindful of this and remind ourselves that we are (or certainly can be) relaxed, calm and in control because guess what… that is what will ‘sink’ down into our unconscious mind and ultimately, allows us to think in a positive way, act in a positive way and interact with people in a positive way.