Stop smoking this 'Stoptober'

David is offering his services this ‘Stoptober’ to help people who want to stop smoking and importantly, stay stopped. As an ex smoker himself David says “I stopped around seven years ago, it’s one of the reasons I am a hypnotherapist now. I remember my stop smoking session was fantastic, each persons experience can be slightly different, we are all individuals of course, but I remember when I left the Practice I felt free! I had around 15 left in my packet and I just thought, they are ready for the bin. My then fiancé asked me how I felt and I just said… fantastic!” The reality is that by stopping young enough, I now have gave myself such a better chance if living the full life I’m meant to, but as we know, stopping smoking at any age can be an unbelievable benefit to your health, your pocket and your happiness. For more information please visit NHS stop smoking at